The Ten Month Beat

An account of the ten months at the graduate school of journalism for the class of 2006.


Divine Comedy

Maybe I am dead, and Journalism School is purgatory.


  • At 1:43 AM, Blogger Jim Higdon said…

    Hey Class of 06,

    I wish we had this blog last year. We tried stuff like it, but y'all seem a tad more organized. Good work.

    Don't worry about feeling dead and in purgatory, that's standard issue J-school pre-Master-Project-deadline craziness talking.

    Re: the Halloween MadLibs, I think someone meant "Grover" not "Gromer" as there is no such muppet as Gromer, not even an obscure one. Crazy Eddie, now that's an obscure Muppet.

    Jim Higdon
    Class of 05!

  • At 8:21 AM, Blogger June Cross said…

    There's a difference between the Food Lion story and this Dateline Story - in the Food Lion case, an ABC employeee misrepresented herself in order to get a job at the chain, and then used a hidden camera to record what she saw as an employee. The key point here was misrepresentation, not the hidden camera, although both practices went underground for a period


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