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In a New York article about the blog hierarchy, the same quote appears three times: in the middle of the article, as a pull quote, and as a kicker. I saw this online--maybe the print version is different. But have you ever seen the same quote used more than once in the same article?

Page 3:

For Rojas, the toil paid off handsomely. Last fall, AOL bought Jason Calacanis’s company Weblogs, Inc., which includes Engadget, for $25 million...“I didn’t intend to become a millionaire,” he says, “but I wound up there anyway.”

Page 6:

Last fall, AOL bought Weblogs, Inc., which includes his blog Engadget, for $25 million. “I didn’t intend to become a millionaire,” says Rojas, “but I wound up there anyway.”

Pull quote on page 4:

I can understand being excited over a good quote, especially when you try to explain the metholodogy behind a network theory-based analysis of the blogosphere in your lede. But thrice?


  • At 6:05 PM, Blogger Ed Krayewski said…

    Maybe its just a shitty publication? Or someone made an error transferring it online. Or, perhaps, the writer blows and the copy editor is even worse.


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