The Ten Month Beat

An account of the ten months at the graduate school of journalism for the class of 2006.



From "The Infiltrator" in the April 2006 Atlantic Monthly:

In Belfast I met with Denis Donaldson, a Sinn Féin party leader and an IRA veteran alleged to have run the IRA’s intelligence wing...His face seemed thin and gray, the face of a man who senses an end looming.

A few weeks later, back in the United States, I received a phone call early one morning from a source in the United Kingdom. He said, “Yer man Denis Donaldson”—the legendary IRA hunger-striker who had met with me in his kitchen—“has just been expelled from Sinn Féin, about three minutes ago. For being a British spy.”

From today's Washington Post:

A former official in the Sinn Fein political party who was recently exposed as a British spy was found fatally shot Tuesday, after apparently being tortured, police said.

Denis Donaldson, 55, died in his isolated home in Glenties in northwest Ireland, said the Irish justice minister, Michael McDowell, adding that Donaldson's right forearm had been nearly severed.


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