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An account of the ten months at the graduate school of journalism for the class of 2006.


Booze Cruise 2006

From Gawker:
"Columbia J-School Teaches Its Kids to Drink"

There is no more important training for a young journalist than a lesson in how to hold your liquor. And there is no better way to learn to hold your liquor than at an open bar you can’t get from. Hence the annual Columbia J-School booze cruise, at which this year — this is our favorite part — it seems the cocktailing will begin at 4 p.m. Of course, while an open bar would be ideal, the j-school currently charges its students a mere $38,500 in tuition and fees, and so it can afford only a cash bar. And, even better, a “cash food bar” — unless students shell out six bucks for the buffet, they’re stuck with only “chips and salsa, and crudite with herbed dipping sauce.” Dress is “reporter semi-formal,” which seems easy enough until you remember how reporters dress.

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